This is our new Betty Blog! A new sketch comedy group. performing at the new stage 773 with there awesome new renovations. NEW! NEW! NEW! You must check out the new theater and while your there check us out too! 

  We did our first show ever in life at Stage 773 for the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.  We had a BLAST! And yes we 
I feel honored to be working with this amazingly funny group of ladies, of whom I have so much fun performing and playing with.
I'm excited for the things to come in the future! Speaking of the future...If you missed us at Sketchfest and really really really wanted to see our show. You will have a chance to see us at Stage 773 Tuesday February 21st @8pm, and Tuesday February 28th @8pm. If you saw the show and are dying to see it again should come back and support.  We would LOVE it!
Thanks to all who came, by the way and selling us out, we appreciate the support! A special thanks to our director Chris Othic! Without him we probably wouldn't have been as funny...its true. And an even bigger thanks to his wife Mary who let us monopolize her living room Sunday nights,  makes a mean lasagna and a kick ass "fat betty cake" YUM! (I can't wait til that happens again!)
Hope to see you guys at our February show......and there is more to come!!! 
Derek Tait
2/11/2012 06:22:33

How cool is your website? Does this blog make me look fat? Can you make the show later on February 28 so I can come?

Betty Celeste
2/12/2012 14:19:09

will you be in town that day????

Deb Wriston
3/1/2012 10:13:21

Great website, Keli. Would love to see a show. You gals need to come to Cinti!

7/17/2012 15:12:41

Love this Weebly site, I had no idea I could make a free blog so easily, thanks!

7/17/2012 17:55:53

Thanks Yuri for your comment.. I know isn't it great! Ilove weebly as well. Happy blogging


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